Maskcara Artist Program

Are you interested in becoming a Maskcara Artist?  Well here are a few frequently asked questions!

What is your commission?

Artists always earn 20% commission on each purchase and depending on how much they sell in a month (1-30/31st) artists can earn up to 40% commission plus percentages on downlines if they have a team.

What fees are involved?

The only fees involved are when you purchase your kit to become an artist- The Basic Kit is $199 or The Pro Artist Kit is $399 kit.  There is an $11.95 back office fee for running your website each month.  The kits provide artists with the greatest discount on products initially.  If you can, I always suggest getting The Pro Artist Kit because you have more options to show customers and it provides the biggest discount.  I do not make a commission on which artist kit you choose, so please know that is not why I would suggest the larger kit!  It is what I chose and it was so helpful to have more tools at the beginning of my Maskcara Journey! 

Do you have to keep inventory?

No!  That is something I love about Maskcara!  I don’t keep an inventory but I do use my hostess rewards to purchase items for giveaways or to refill my kit.



How do you accept customer payments?

Everything is purchased online through your personal Maskcara Beauty Website.  Customers can also be given a link to a specific party link so they can support their specific hostess.

How about Returns?

Maskcara has a great 30 day returns policy and a 60 day exchange policy.  If a customer doesn’t like a product or needs to exchange something, they can email customer service and Maskcara handles it!

How do you generate interest in Maskcara?  Isn’t it a relatively new company?

Yes!  The Maskcara Artist program is a little over 2 years old.  Personally, I like to share about Maskcara Beauty products and tutorials on my instagram account, a facebook page and here on my blog!  I think being consistent in sharing about it generates interest!  There are so many great things about Maskcara- quality products, magnetic compacts and the best- you only purchase what you like!  Minimalist to full glam, Maskcara has you covered!

Do sales come from online, one on one makeovers or in home parties?

Any and all of the above!  The best thing about being a Maskcara Artist is it’s your business and you get to decide how you want to run it.  Orders can come from online via social media, you could do only in person parties or one on one with close friends and family.  I personally like to do a mix of them all, but you can do what works for you and your schedule!

What about learning color matching?  I am not a makeup artist, can I still become a Maskcara Artist?

Yes!  Our team has a great website with training videos to learn all about color matching!  I definitely think practicing on others in person is so helpful to learn how the makeup lays on the skin.  So ask your mom, sister, cousin or neighbor if you can practice once you get your kit!  Who knows, they may just love it too and become a great customer!


I think this is all for now, but if you have specific questions fill out the contact form below and I would love to help!