Sunday Night S’mores

This summer we came up with our bucket list and one activity we didn’t really do at home was a backyard campfire. We do campfires often when we are camping but usually use our fire pit at home in the fall. Our youngest has been asking for a ‘backyard campfire’ often so last Sunday we made it happen!

What is a campfire without s’mores?! I love giving our kids options for s’mores and over the years we have tried a few variations. I found some fun ideas from the Magnolia magazine a few years ago and I love using The Baker Mama ideas from her book Beautiful Boards.

Some of our favorite s’mores ideas we have tried and like:

-graham crackers + marshmallow + Hershey’s chocolate

-graham crackers + marshmallow +Reese’s peanut butter cup

-graham crackers + marshmallow + Hershey’s chocolate + caramel (like these!)

-graham crackers + marshmallow + white chocolate + raspberries

-graham crackers + marshmallow + white chocolate + blackberries

What is your favorite kind of s’more?

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