New Goals.

I have spent quite a bit of time the past few months thinking about goals and how I want to spend my time. While I love all things beauty, health and fitness, I truly miss how much I used to photograph our daily life. So I have updated my blog and plan to continue to make adjustments in the next few weeks as well. After taking the class, The Magic of Light, through Illuminate Classes, I feel like I regained my passion for photography. I started shooting for myself again and letting go of all expectations and just enjoyed it. Sometimes I think when you learn a hobby or skill, you get caught up in what is right and wrong with it, that you forget to enjoy it. Or maybe that is the perfectionist in me. I have made it a point to pick up my camera daily and aim to get at least one image I am proud of and would share. I have been focusing on the light and how that can really make or break an image. How shooting for shadows or highlights can really play on the mood of an image. It has been fun and I am excited to see where this might lead. For now though, I am enjoying photography again.

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