Morning Routines

Morning routines. Do you have one? I would say I have a few I rotate through, depending on whether it’s the school year, summer break or weekends. I always love reading these kinds of posts, so I thought I would share my most current routine.

During the week, I try to get up between 5:45 and 6:00 a.m. to get our days going. My husband lets out our puppy to go potty and run around. She comes inside and eats her breakfast *and runs around like crazy.* While she is doing that, I work on drinking 20 oz. of water and try to read a bit- usually my devotion and any book I am reading.

At 6:30, it is time to make breakfast for my kids and start waking them up for school. The next hour is usually spent running around making sure they have everything they need for school. Lunches. Snacks. Masks. Papers signed. Coats. plus all the regular things like hair combed, teeth brushed, beds made, etc.

I make a cup of coffee, finally! We head out the door to get to school before that first bell rings. I head back home to our garage gym or to the actual gym and workout. I love to lift and run, so I mix it up most days and run, lift or both. After my workout, it is off to get ready for the day. I haven’t been filming many tutorials lately for Seint, but am going to start again! When I was filming them though, this is when I would, as I love using natural light to film.

I pick up our house, start some laundry and prep something for lunch. I am always amazed at how fast mornings go when my kids are in school.

How about you, what is your *normal* weekday routine? Let me know in the comments something you do every morning, I would love to know!

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