My 10 Favorite Camping Items

Happy Friday! We have had our camper about 4 months now and I am figuring out my top ‘must have camping items’ for each trip. In no particular order, here they are:

Brumate– if you like cold drinks instead of luke warm drinks, then you definitely need a brumate. I ordered one and quickly ordered a second for home and one for my husband. They wash well, and keep drinks cold for hours even when it is 90+ degrees and humid.

Antigravity chairs– We gave my husband one of these amazing chairs for Father’s Day this year, and quickly realized how much we all liked it. They have been tricky to find this year with everyone doing more camping and outdoor activities, but here our our favorites:

For the outdoorsman

For the mom who’s kids love to cuddle too

For the kids and preteen

outdoor rug– We love this rug we found at Camping World. It dries quickly, helps keep sand and gravel out of our camper and I think it’s pretty.

vinyl table cloth + table cloth clips– Amazon has great inexpensive vinyl table cloths. I love these because they create a good barrier between the wooden picnic tables that has who knows what on it and your food. The table cloth clips are great for any amount of wind and securing the table cloth. I like keeping extras of these on hand because the plastic ones do break occasionally or get lost. Amazon also has metal ones though and they hold up a bit better!

tabletopics– We love this card set and always pick a few to answer at our evening meals. I like these cards because they are questions I wouldn’t think of and we all have such different answers. It is a fun conversation starter when we all already know how everyone’s day went because we spent the entire day together!

•lanterns (similar!) with citronella candle tealights– I found tin lanterns at Target in the dollar section, and they work so well to add a little extra light when we are cooking s’mores and they also stay lit even if there is a little breeze. The citronella tea lights work great for keeping bugs away too!

Day Tripper bag from Birdling– I LOVE this bag for our beach days. It has a zipper bottom so you can shake out any sand or crumbs from it. Mine is an old style but the dimensions look very similar- I can fit 4 beach towels, snacks, water, sunscreen, goggles, etc. in it for the day. I keep all our snacks in the zipper pouch and it works well with a few ice packs. You could also use that area for wet suits when you are done for the day and heading home. We use this bag for the pool, the beach, Great Wold Lodge trips, etc.

marshmallow roasters + bag-I love these marshmallow roasters for a few reasons. First, they collapse and make it easy to store. Second, there is a bag they all fit in so it doesn’t get our camper dirty with soot from the ends of the roaster. It seems like there is always some char left on them, no matter how much you scrub them.

colapsible wagon– This wagon is awesome for heading to the beach, carrying all the toys, food, cooler, chairs, etc. I love that it collapses and makes for easy storage. It is nice to keep our bags we don’t want sandy- like my camera bag- in while we are at the beach too!

•beach lounger for water (similar)– I love this chair for a few reasons. It dries very quickly, it has great support and I can sit in the water with it to keep cool and be by the action with my kids. Not sure I can ask more for a beach chair!

tres leches skin care and micro fiber cloths– I definitely don’t always wear or even pack makeup for our camping trips. I do, however, always pack extra microfiber cloths and my Tres Leches Skin care. There is something about starting and ending the days with a clean face that makes me sleep better and feel better in the morning. Plus, this works well if you do get a little sun to calm any irritation and help reduce redness.

So there you have it. My 10 favorite and must have items for camping. Do you camp? What are some of your favorite things to bring? Let me know in the comments!

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