How my Workouts have changed during Quarantine

Can you believe we are almost to September? This year seems like the longest one ever. At the beginning of the year I had friend share how she set a goal to run 500 miles last year. She wanted to get into shape and set small goals for herself. She surpassed her goal and ended up running well over her original goal. Her story was so inspiring to me and when quarantine happened I wanted to find a way to keep myself motivated to workout.

I really love lifting and had been focusing on that for the past few months but knew my endurance and aerobic capacity could use some work. So I set a goal to run 35 miles the first month. I figured if I ran just a little over a mile a day that wouldn’t be too difficult. This would still challenge me because I didn’t really want to run every. single. day.

The first month I surpassed my goal so I set a new goal for May and surpassed that goal too. In the process I have felt so much better and ditched the scale. Constantly checking a number has been mentally draining for me and there are so many other ways to check your health and progress than stepping on the scale. I love the Whole 30 take on it and you can read more about that here.

I am continuing to focus on eating whole foods and less sugar.  I feel so much better when I do- less joint pain when I run, my skin is clearer, I fall asleep easier not to mention workouts are much more fun when you eat better and have more energy!

Here is a sample of my weekly workout plan.  I encourage you to find what you enjoy- maybe that is walking, swimming, jazzercise, sports, hiking, etc.  This is what I have found I truly enjoy.

Mondays: Long Run usually 4-5 miles

Tuesdays: 1 mile warm up and lifting

Wednesdays: HIIT (high intensity interval training) or a rest day depending on how I feel.

Thursdays: Run 2-3 miles and core work

Fridays: 1 mile warm up and lifting

Saturdays: run 3-4 miles

Sundays: rest day


Leave you favorite workouts in the comments, I would love to hear what works for you!


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