What inspires you?

If I am being totally honest, I have been uninspired lately. Which is probably the reason for no posts or tutorials in a few months. Life gets busy and for me, my hobbies are the first to take a backseat. I focus on the necessary and let everything else go. I find so much joy in photography when I don’t have a ton on my plate but when I get overwhelmed, it isn’t as fun or enjoyable.

The other day my youngest and I went to the forest.  I brought along my camera with no goals other than to shoot what and how I wanted. No project in mind, simply documenting our trip.  I am working on finding my style and seeing common themes in my work.  I love documentary photography where I can observe- to remember how my kids interacted with others and their environment without me constantly telling them to look at me and smile. I want to remember their genuine and authentic selves at each stage. They are pretty good at ignoring me anyway when I have my camera out.

Spending time with him, hiking and being outside were definitely the highlights for me. It’s funny how a little time outside is so refreshing.

We spent almost 2 hours there and it was certainly time well spent together. When we left he asked when we could go back.  I think this kind of thing will become part of our regular routine.  I know I loved it and it left me feeling refreshed and excited to edit images again.

I hope you have a great weekend and maybe take a bit of time for your hobbies.  Even if you can only squeeze in a few minutes.


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