My Curly Haired Tutorial and Favorite Products

I have been asked a few times about doing a tutorial on how I curl my hair, so here is my indepth way I curl my hair.  To begin with, I am starting with clean and blow dried hair. When I dry my hair, I like to use the following products.

Lanaza Healing Color Care Preserving Trauma Cream at the ends of my hair, Aquage Up Lifting Foam at my roots for volume and then I love using a blow dry spray like this one from Kenra to help speed up my drying time.

Once my hair is dry, I give a quick spray of Aquage Dry Shampoo throughout my hair.  I love the texture this gives and on it will absorb the oils well to begin with.  Next, I section off my hair using clips, similar to these, and begin curling and straightening.  My curling iron is a 3/4 in. curling iron.  I have the love the hot tools brand and wish this particular one I have was that brand.  Their irons glide through my hair so well.  I also use the Lange’ brand for my flat iron and love it!

For finishing my hair, I love using the Aquage Working Spray to hold the curls but not make them stiff.  To hold my bangs out of my face I use this super hold spray from Kenra and it works great!  I hope this was helpful and let me know if you try it!



**This post contains links to my favorite products, however no commission is received from sharing these items.


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