All about those brows

Today, let’s talk about brows! img_4305Brows bring balance to your face and frame your beautiful eyes.  They can really change your overall look, so it’s important to fill them in correctly.  Let’s jump right in.

Beginning with your face shape, things to consider- is your face more rounded or is it more long and thin?  Rounded faces are balanced out with a higher arch.  A longer and thinner face would balance out with more length in the brow.  Remember, either way, the arch should be the tallest point on your brow, that’s why it’s called the ‘arch.’

Are your features larger or smaller?  If you have larger features, you will not want to have super small brows because that would look disproportionate to your over all look.  If you have two of your three features, (think eyes, nose, mouth) are larger, you will want more prominent brows.  If two of your three features are smaller, you will want smaller, thinner brows.

Another tip to create tailored brows, do not pluck to begin with.  Pencil or fill them in first, trim any longer hairs.  After you are finished, step back and look to see if your brows are filled in the way you like.  Then pluck what is outside of your finished brow.  This will help to not over pluck in the first place!

Because your brows frame your eyes, another thing to consider is if your eyes are close-set or wide set.  If you eyes are close-set or narrow, begin your brows straight up from the inner corner of your eye, not your nostril.  If your eyes are wide set, begin your brows straight up from the nostril. img_4345

Here’s a list of my favorite products to fill in brows:

Trust, Oak, Basic, Cole, Salem eyeshadows (Oak and Trust for Blondes; Basic and Trust for Gingers; Trust and Cole for Brunettes, Cole and Salem for Ravens)

Astoria, Shadow, Indigo, Cola Contour

Muliti-tasker Brush

Know Your Angles Brush

Here is my brow tutorial using these techniques.

I hope this was helpful!



*This post contains links to my Maskcara Beauty website where I make a small commission if products are purchased.  This comes at no additional cost to you and all opinions are my own.


    1. micaelaelizabeth

      Thank you! I feel like I was constantly trying new techniques for a bit but finally found what works for me! I love using the Cola contour now- which is a cream product!


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