Trendsend Box from Evereve

This week, I want to share about a great clothing service from Evereve, The Trendsend Box. I began using this service about 2 years ago, when I knew I was done having kids and wanted to rebuild my wardrobe after living in maternity clothes off and on for 5 years.

I love how this subscription box is tailored to my style and preferences. I can let my stylist know of up coming events, trips and my work wear- whether I dress up or am more casual.  Working from home, I rarely dress up unless I have a function to attend with my husband.

The stylist typically sends 2-3 outfits and usually the pieces can be intermixed to create more outfits.  I love reading the letter from the stylist to see how they would style them, which shoes and jewelry suggestions too.  You can opt for them to send you jewelry or not- personally I like to shop for jewelry myself so I usually opt for them not to send me jewelry.  I wish they could send you shoes too, but at this time, they don’t.

I love trying on the outfits at home, where I am not rushed- you have 5 days to decide whether you will keep the clothes or send them back.  They have a prepaid shipping bag for you to put the items you don’t want, to ship back to them.  If you decide not to keep anything, they simply charge your card on your account the $1 for processing.  If you do decide to purchase something from the box, that $1 goes towards your purchase.

Another reason I love trying these clothes on at home is I can see what else in my closet I have to pair with it, especially if the clothing item is an investment piece.  Sometimes I’ll try something on and remember I have a similar item in my closet too- so that is also helpful.

I don’t always have the patience to shop and as a stay at home mom, I am almost always with my kids.  Carting them into a store so I can go shopping for new clothes isn’t really a great option and when they are all in school, I try to go grocery shopping or get things done around our house.

So here are the three outfits they sent in my last box. I’ll link all the items below each picture.

| Gray Sweater | Black pants |

Red Sweater  |  Black Pants  |

| Black JacketStripped Shirt  |  Jeans  |

I really liked these outfits and kept the first two.  I love how I can mix and match the sweaters with jeans to dress more casually or wear the super comfy black pant and a fun bootie or heel to dress them up.

I look forward to getting trendsend boxes with each season to add new fresh pieces to my wardrobe but you can request them as you want, monthly or every other month.  It is completely tailored to you!

If you want to check out trendsend, you can sign up for your first box here.

*Disclosure: If you do purchase anything from these links, I do earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.  All thoughts on this service are my own and I am not compensated otherwise.




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