Maskcara Makeup Brushes

Happy Friday! I am not sure about you, but this week has been an interesting one! Back from a trip, a shortened school week, decorating for Christmas and of course regular kids activities! I am tired just thinking about it! Anyway, I wanted to hop on here to share a bit about Maskcara’s Makeup Brushes and all the ways to use them.

So let’s begin.  They are all double ended, so they save space and money, because you basically get two brushes for the price of one.  Amazing.  They are all a gorgeous gold and rose gold handle and the bristles are so soft.  When I do makeovers, usually the first thing a client says to me is how soft they are on their face.

Next, let’s break down each brush and what it can be used for when applying your makeup.

img_2568The 30 Second HAC Brush:  This brush is $35 and is the most purchased brush from Maskcara with good reason.  It is so useful when applying cream foundation.  This was my first brush I ever purchased from Maskcara Beauty too!  I like to use the longer end for applying my highlight under my eyes and even on my lids to create a base for my eyeshadows.  (Did you know, you can use highlight as a primer for your lids to keep your shadows from creasing?)  I like to use the shorter end for applying my highlight to my nose, forehead and jaw area.  Stippling the highlight on and then any excess, I’ll buff on a tissue and keep using the same end for my contour, blush and even bronzer.  If you want a more defined contour, pinch the bristles together a bit to make the brush more of a line, that will help!

img_2569The Detailed HAC Brush:  This brush is $36 and is great for those finer details, hence the name.  I like the smaller end of the brush for applying highlight under my eyes, but it can also be used for contour, especially if you have a more narrow or petite face shape.  The fan end can be used to buff in highlight or you can also use it for contour, or both!



img_2570The Power Powder Brush:  This brush is also $36 and can be used for setting powder, highlight and bronzer.  I like to use the flat end to press my loose powder on to set my makeup.  If you press the powder into your face, it will help your makeup to stay fresh all day.  This same end is great for a powdered bronzer, like the Cayman Bronzer.  The more pointed domed end is great for applying highlight, especially for more mature skin and the under eye area.  It disperses a light layer and will definitely help reduce the makeup from creasing in fine lines.

img_2571B Squared Bronzer and Blush Brush:  This brush is $36 and is one of my favorites!  I like to use the small end to stipple blush on my cheeks.  It gives a very natural finish and is so soft.  The small end can also be used to buff highlight on for a very minimal and sheer finish.  The large fluffy end is my favorite for applying Bella Bronzer (cream), and is also great for applying a light layer of powder to set your makeup.  The great thing about this brush is to keep buffing it over your makeup to a flawless finish.

img_2572I Shadow Everything Brush:  This brush is $18 and is great for all things eyeshadow!  I love the fluffy, longer end for applying my eyeshadow and holding the brush at the opposite end to blend, blend, blend.  This brush did take me some practice, but after I got the hang of it, it is my go to brush for eyeshadow.  I like to use the smaller more domed end for brightening my inner corner, smudging my lower lash line and also for lining my lips with indigo contour before applying my lip color.

img_2574The Multitasker Brush: This brush is $22 and is another favorite!  I actually have two of these brushes because it can be used for so many things- I wanted one for my creams and one for my shadows.  The flat, larger end I use for eye shadow, applying lip color, color correcting under eyes if necessary, and covering blemishes or scaring with highlight, I have also used it for lining my lips with indigo before applying lip color.  The small end, I like to use for lining my eyes with Cola Contour, tight lining my water line, lining my lips, brightening my arch with highlight if necessary after filling my brows in, it is also great for spot covering blemishes, and detail work for Halloween makeup.

img_2573Know Your Angles Brush:  This brush is $22 and is great for filling in your brows and also lining your eyes with a shadow.  If you want a more defined line, spray a little Stay Spray onto your brush before dipping into the eyeshadow, bolder color instantly!

Full Brush Collection is available here and saves $36 compared to purchasing all brushes individually!

I hope this helps and leave any questions in the comments!


*This post contains links to my Maskcara Beauty website where I make a small commission if products are purchased.  This comes at no additional cost to you and all opinions are my own.




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