DIY earring holder


The other day as I was getting ready, I realized my jewelry was getting a little unorganized.  I had earrings all over my closet shelf and couldn’t find what I needed quickly, so I looked up on Pinterest different jewelry organizers.  I didn’t want or need anything too fancy, and saw something similar to this, so I made my list and headed to Hobby Lobby.

I found a large frame with no back or glass, bought some ribbon and gorilla glue.  *Tip, sign up for Hobby Lobby’s email and get a weekly 40% off coupon.  It saved me about $10 on this frame!


When I got home, I measured my ribbon and earrings and spaced them out as I needed.  Most of my earrings are from Nickel and Suede and are about the same size, so I used one pair for measuring how much space I needed to fit my earrings.  I applied a dab of gorilla glue (be careful, this stuff sets up quick and doesn’t come off anything.) and set my ribbon.  I let the ribbon dry on the frame before stretching the other end across the frame to finish gluing.


Once all the ribbons were attached, I hung it up on a wall in my closet.  My earrings are all where I can see them each day and I love the way this turned out.  If I had to do it over again, I would use only thin ribbon, not the thicker polka dot ribbon.  I say this because with this large of a frame the ribbon tends to roll forward and the earrings don’t stay on as well as the thinner ribbon.  

I hope this was helpful and if you have a clever way to hang necklaces, let me know in the comments, that is my next task!  Have a great rest of your Tuesday!

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