Makeup & Glasses

Have you ever wondered what makeup looks best for days when you wear glasses?  Maybe you wear glasses everyday or maybe just on the weekends.  Either way, here are a few tips and tricks to make sure you look your best in glasses.

Eye shadows:  When you are wearing glasses skip the smokey eye look or try a lighter neutral version.  Using light shades on your lid and a medium shade for the crease will be your best bet to keep eyes bright.  Some of my favorite light shades are Sabrina, Rome, On Wednesdays, Mama, Valencia and Stay Golden.  Great medium shades would be Bubba, Basic, Pup, and Oak.  Don’t be afraid to use color to make your own eye color pop.  Brown and blue eyed beauties look great with gold, brown, soft pinks and orange colors. (Think Bright Eyes, Crush, Zion, Coco, On Wednesdays) and green eyes really pop with gold and purple tones, (Try Kin, Amethyst, London, Bright Eyes, Oak, Stardust, Bend and Snap) 

Liner:  Did you know your eyeliner should correlate with the thickness of your frames?  So the thicker your glasses frames, the thicker the liner, if you have thin frames or the floating frames, liner should be thin.  Eyeliner should also be one to two shades lighter than your frame color.  Since shadows are often produced on our face when wearing glasses, you want to keep your eyes bright so they don’t get lost in shadows.  If you like to line your waterline, try using a nude or white liner to brighten, I personally really like Tarte’s Fake Awake liner.

Lips and Cheeks:  Have fun with color on other areas besides your eyes.  Try adding a bold or bright lip and cheek color.  Some of my favorites are Scarlet (pictured here), Sandstone, Pink Grapefruit, Ruby or Dahila.  I like to keep my eyes, light and bright and add bright color to these areas.  Don’t skip on the blush.  Blush helps your face look alive and fresh!4cced4d2-389c-4b7b-9fb5-5223692ba1d8

Brows: Make sure to keep your brows tweezed and groomed.  Trim any long hairs and use a brow gel if necessary.  No brow gel?  Spray the end of the eyebrow brush spooly with a bit of hairspray and comb through.  Fill in your brows with your shadow color, remember brows frame your face and give overall balance to your look.  Colors great for filling in your brows are Oak and Trust for blondes, Basic and Trust for gingers, Trust and Cole for brunettes and Cole and Salem for ravens.  I love the Know your Angles brush– it is double ended, has a spooly on one end and a brush to use to fill in brows on the other.  

Lashes: Curl those lashes to really brighten your eyes.  Skip mascara on the bottom lashes if it rubs off on to your skin, this will help with reducing more shadows that make your eyes look dark and tired. 

Concealer:  Use a yellow based concealer for under eyes.  Purple tones often show up in under eye circles and bags.  Because yellow is opposite purple on the color wheel, it will cancel out those purple tones and bring brightness to that area.  Not sure which color would work best for you, send me a message and I’ll help you find the right shade.     

I hope this was helpful and look forward to sharing more makeup tips and tricks in the future!

*This post contains links to my Maskcara Beauty website where I make a small commission if products are purchased.  This comes at no additional cost to you and all opinions are my own.


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