Endless Options for a quick Breakfast

We have been in a bit of a breakfast rut lately so I have been working hard to change up our options! I asked my kids some of their breakfast options and they reminded me of our egg muffins we love.  The best part is you can add the ingredients you and your family love!

Here is what we like to do:

  1.  I gather all my ingredients, muffin tin and liners because who likes to clean baked-on egg to a muffin tin?  I know I don’t!   For this recipe, I used 12 eggs, one pepper diced, ham slices from Costco and some shredded cheese.


2.  I diced up my pepper- {did you know the easiest way to cut a pepper is to cut the bottom off, about 1/2 inch up.  Slice along the inside to loosen the seeds and then cut about 1/2 inch all the way around the top of the pepper, pull the stem out and you have a clean and seedless pepper!}DSC_2402

3. Layer the ham slices (I cut mine in half to make them fit a bit better), then sprinkle a few diced peppers on top the ham.DSC_2404

4. Next I crack one egg and scramble it in a little pyrex dish and pour it over the peppers and ham and repeat it 11 more times.  I know not very efficient.  You could crack all 12 eggs and pour them over the peppers and ham, but I like to make sure each muffin cup is distributed evenly.  You do what works for you.


5. Sprinkle the top with shredded cheese.  We like cheddar or colby jack!DSC_2415

6.  Bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes.  They should be nice and golden on top and slightly domed shaped!


Peel off that paper and enjoy!  Or toss in your refrigerator and save them for another morning.  These heat quick in the microwave at 15 seconds!  I love making a double or triple batch and saving some in the freezer or eating the extras throughout the week.  With a family of 6, we go through food pretty quick, so making extras is always helpful!

Here are a few other combinations we like:

-sweet potato, sausage, egg and fresh rosemary

-shredded zucchini, sausage, egg and red bell peppers

-red potato (sliced thin), ham, egg and cheese

-broccoli, ham, egg and cheese

-green onion, salmon, egg and green bell peppers

The combinations really are endless.  Find what works well for you and your family, have your kids help and pick the ingredients too.  Chances are they will eat them better if they were able to help in the process.  Let me know what combinations you tried or some of your family favorites if you have done this before!

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